Dan Wright is the second NPC the player encounters.

Title Suggested Level Description Requirements Reward
Entelodon Plague 1 You have arrived at just the right time! Before I tell you how to reach Dinoville could you please assist me with this Entelodon problem I'm having? They keep ransacking my shack and my mining equipment is quite sensitive. Help me drive the Entelodons away before they break my tools. Attack Entelodons x5 100 XP
Brontops Blockade 1 Thank you for helping out with my Entelodon problem! Listen, to get to Dinoville you just have to keep following the road, ok? There is a catch though: Huge Brontops herds have become a menace for travellers. You will need to fight the Brontops if you and the other adventurers want to get through safely. Attack Brontops x3 100 XP
No Business as Usual 1 Thanks for clearing the road! Now there is just one last obstacle to master: A bit further down the road is crawling with bandits, poor Tom Wolfe has been mugged just this morning. Take care of the bandits, collect their belts and bring them to Tom, then he will know that the road is safe again. Collect Bandit Belts for Tom Wolfe x3 150 XP